Behind the Scenes

From dream to reality...


After a long nine months of keeping PostHeads under wraps, we're glad to finally present to you the final product! In the following Design Case Study, you will find the highlights of the most memorable parts of our journey so far (and yes, there's more to come!). From sketched out brainstorms to the final product, find out how PostHeads came to life when you scroll down.

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Identity &
Visual Style

The focus for this project was clean, functional, and user­friendly design. Just as the name went through several changes (a topic for another day), the logo had its many faces too. Coming to a compromise became nearly impossible. In the end it was the designer, whose choice prevailed. Remember, the designer is always right.


Time Eater

How many designers does it take
to change a lightbulb?


Sketches &

As the functions and practicalities of the site began to take form, so did the first sketches and wireframes. Keeping in mind the need to spread textual information across the page, the optimal distribution of sections became a key element of the overall look. After hours of debating on why one design works or doesn't, endless hours of testing, and several notebooks worth of sketches, the basic layout was finalized.

  • 1st Version
  • 2nd Version
  • 3rd Version
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The Design Process

After deciding on a final wireframe, it was time to start filling in the blanks. Amazingly, the dashboard was put together in just one night!


A Few Variations


Pre­-Final Design, all icons & details were made


UI Kit

A few elements of the PostHeads UI Kit were initially cheated with Bootstrap. Over time, we finally got around to our own tweaking and perfecting of each button color and gradient.


A Little Bit of Fun with Empty Slates

  • No posts for today.Looks like a calm day!
  • Nothing for tomorrow.Feel free to sleep in.
  • No new posts for approval.Time for a coffee and a bisquit!
  • no posts here.Chill out, have a cookie!
  • There's nothing to approve here.Go play some ping-pong.
  • Archive is desperately empty.Please, feed it before it will die from hunger!
  • The competition is not posting. The whole internet awaits your posts!
  • There are no materials for this page.Let's upload some funny pics of cats!
    Eh, we mean, your brand...
  • No WIKI info here.Be the brave one to start, be the -i-icebreaker!

Final Design

After a hard nine months of labor and unstable sleeping patterns, we finally came to a version good enough to program and perfect to every detail. Ready to roll!


Overview serves as a long term outlook on brand communication with emphasis on:

  • Clear display of content as a separate element in a particular day/week
  • A functional view of the approval process.

The Agenda summarizes all posts awaiting your response, with the intention of getting you
"up to speed."


Project structure can be easily managed with the options of quick editing. We paid attention to details such as:

  • Lightly color­-coded Levels of
    the Approval system, for visual
  • Intuitive adding for editing whole companies to individual users
  • Direct implementation of FAQ questions, directly where the user needs them most

Many iterations of every situation

PostHeads contains millions of psd files, screens, details, etc. Our goal isn't to show off every single screen, but rather to prove just how much love and dedication went behind this project.


It's going to be awesome

Just because we launched doesn't mean it's over. More features are coming soon to make the social media ecosystem bigger, better, and most of all useful for the businesses who need it.

  • New Features
  • Twitter
  • Analytics

We know you have 2 minutes...
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